The 10 Most Expensive MTG Cards in Champions of Kamigawa

Once Standard bulk, now Commander staples. Released in 2004, Champions of Kamigawa became an MTG fan favorite for the most peculiar reasons. The Shinto-inspired block introduced beloved creature subtypes such as Monk, Samurai, and Ninjas. Also, the set provided some unique mechanics you only see in reprint sets, such as Arcane, Soulshift, and Spirits. While these mechanics … Read more

What’s the Coolest Dark Ritual in Magic?

Inspiration for your next album cover. What’s Dark Ritual? It’s a three-for-one sale that makes black spells go brrr. #11: Justin Hampton’s Dark Ritual Dark Ritual Ice Age | Common Artistically, I’m not a fan of this piece. It relies really heavily on outlining to define forms, rather than more subtle methods like value and texture. Outlining … Read more

Can You Afford to Play Legacy?

It’s not the exclusive club you might think! Long ago, before there were any formats at all, there was simply “Magic.”  Folks would buy booster packs and starter decks, sort out any cards that seemed powerful, and shuffle them up together with a handful of basic lands. Nothing was banned, and even the four-copies-per-deck rule … Read more

Drain the Table With Casual Oathbreaker: Liliana of the Dark Realms

Bleed the table until they’re broken. Oathbreaker, like Commander, feels best when you try not to break it. There are lots of insanely powerful planeswalker and signature spell combinations that feel oppressive or even outright win the game immediately if they resolve. Market Price: $8.99 That’s not fun. A multiplayer format feels at its best when … Read more

Modern Ponza: 2 Gruul 4 School

Who loves Blood Moon? Jess loves Blood Moon. Last week, WotC’s Banned and Restricted announcement shook up the Modern format. With the banning of Arcum’s Astrolabe, a lot is going to change. In my article detailing my reaction to the announcement, I talked about what this shakeup meant for the Gruul Midrange (aka Ponza). Blood Moon Double … Read more