How to buy

I have done this business for more than 5 years. I’m a manager in a big printing factory and I’m also a mtg player. I got a mtg proxy cards by chance 5 years ago. It’s really bad. coloroff, misalign,fuzzy and bad touching. As you know, when you use this card to play, it’s really a bad experience. I decide to produce mtg proxy by myself for fun and offer it to the buyer who love mtg but can’t afford the original price. To be honest, even many buyers used our cards in the TOURNAMENT or GP, I don’t suggest it. Proxy is always proxy, if they check it carefully, they will know it’s proxy. Game is for fun, just enjoy the game!!

Order Process

  1. Choose the cards you want and add it to cart
  2. View the cart and confirm all the cards you want
  3. Fulfil all you information, including adress, email and telephone number
  4. Place the order and mail us with the order number, my email is
  5. We will guide you how to finish the payment by Paypal/Credit card/Google pay

Financial security

We can accept Credit card/Paypal/Google pay, you can tell us which payment method you want to use when you mail us. If you missed your package and I don’t reply you, you can open a dispute, so your money it in pretection. But I always suggest our buyers to contact us firstly as I will solve it for you firstly. Long cooperation is more important. So don’t open a dispute without communication.

Coupon Information

coupon expire time = Mar 1th 2023

coupon code = 10%off, enjoy 10% off if the order more than $80

coupon code = 20%off, enjoy 20% off if the order more than $180

coupon code = 30%off, enjoy 20% off if the order more than $300

coupon code = 40%off, enjoy 40% off if the order more than $400