My cEDH Wishlist for MTG’s Commander Masters

Fierce Guardianship? More like fiercely guarding that $50 price tag.

Though we’re still several months away from the August 4 launch of Commander Masters, I can’t help but wish for some specific cards to be contained within. The prospects of an all-reprint set that already includes Jeweled Lotus has piqued my interest. I’ve put together my very own wishlist of cEDH staples that I hope to see in Commander Masters, both to get prices down and to get some slick new bling-bling. Will they be contained within? I sure hope so!

Mana Crypt

Double Masters | Mythic

Mana Crypt - Double Masters - magic

Market Price: $191.55

Starting big, I have the most played card in cEDH, Mana Crypt. If you’re looking to cast your spells far ahead of time, it turns out making two extra mana every turn in return for a zero-mana investment is a good deal. Taking three damage every other turn? That’s pretty chill when you start with 40 life too.  

It hasn’t been printed since 2020 when it was a marquee mythic rare for the first Double Masters set. Incredibly high demand plus the time since its last reprint has sent the price soaring to close to $200! Not helping things, that printing was also its first major printing since Eternal Masters in 2016. Mana Crypt is not a card that has spent much time below $100 in recent memory but its inclusion in this set, alongside Jeweled Lotus, would automatically make it a home run product for me, especially if we get an awesome new treatment and art.

Chrome Mox

Double Masters | Mythic

Chrome Mox - Double Masters - magic

Market Price: $77.86

While yes, Chrome Mox technically did have a reprint late in 2022 in a Secret Lair product, it didn’t do much to move the price due to its limited and also quite blingy nature. With no proper reprint since Double Masters in 2020, Chrome Mox has continually snuck up in price while remaining a borderline must-play staple in a wide range of cEDH decks. With the Secret Lair version commanding a $77 market price and the cheapest other printing being the Eternal Masters version at $70, it would be great to see the price come down some more.  

However, I think this might be the hardest shot to hit on this list. Why? It’s not exactly an iconic EDH card! Sure, we play it a lot in cEDH but with the focus on the set being Commander at large, Chrome Mox stands out as the card that would fall outside of that purview. Regardless, I would be overjoyed to see Chrome Mox get a printing in this marquee set.

Gemstone Caverns

Time Spiral: Remastered | Mythic

Gemstone Caverns - Time Spiral: Remastered - magic

Market Price: $50.20

Only meaningfully reprinted in the actually-quite-rare Time Spiral Remastered, Gemstone Caverns will run you $45 for a non-foil and over $150 for its cheapest foil printing. Like many of the cards on this list, it does also have an inclusion on The List which has helped to get more supply out there. But I would love to see this reprint for two reasons: 

  1. Cheaper foil printings! 
  2. An awesome new art for the first time 

Imagine a beautiful full-art treatment of Gemstone Caverns that will also help drive down the prices of a non-foil printing? All for one of the most played lands in cEDH? Whew. Give it to me, Wizards. However, like Chrome Mox, I do feel as if this land has a tough chance of getting reprinted in this set. I don’t think it’s a secret why this land hasn’t been reprinted except for in Time Spiral Remastered: it’s just plain weird.

Finale of Devastation

War Of The Spark | Mythic

Finale of Devastation - War of the Spark - magic

Market Price: $39.92

If you’re reliant on creatures in your cEDH decks, there may be no noncreature spell more flexible for your needs than Finale of Devastation. It can tutor up one of your creatures from your library or your graveyard? If you have infinite mana it can also represent a flexible wincon that will pump your team to oblivion to kill your opponents. Combine all of this being true in casual Commander play as well and you have yourself a bonafide star that has only been printed at Mythic in one set: War of the Spark (which was released nearly four years ago). It will run you a sick $40 at floor and of course much more for a foil. It would be great to get a reprint to drive these prices down, make this game piece more accessible, and maybe even get us a new borderless or other treatmentā€¦ hopefully with a huge dinosaur still on it.

Medallion Cycle

Pearl Medallion

Market Price: $37.67

Sapphire Medallion

Market Price: $27.83

Jet Medallion

Market Price: $38.44

Ruby Medallion

Market Price: $35.83

Emerald Medallion

Market Price: $13.73

A shockingly expensive cycle of cards, Pearl, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald and Jet Medallion will set you back anywhere from $10 to nearly $40! These cards are often played in one and two-color cEDH decks as what is effectively a two MV mana rockā€¦ that can effectively make well more than one mana a turn. They also have a strange reprint history, with all five being present in both Tempest and Commander 2014 and then different Medallions getting one-off printings on The ListCommander Anthology 2 and even a Post Malone Secret Lair. It would be good to give them all one more solid printing in a Commander-focused set, both to get some new cohesive art for the whole set and to drive the price of Pearl Medallion down from $40. Nothing much else to say!

Commander 2020 Free Cycle

Flawless Maneuver

Market Price: $12.42

Fierce Guardianship

Market Price: $57.67

Deadly Rollick

Market Price: $40.61

Deflecting Swat

Market Price: $54.45

Another set of the most important cards in cEDH, Commander 2020 brought us Deflecting Swat, Fierce Guardianship and Deadly Rollick. Each of these cards command a hefty price, with Guardianship leading the pack at $50. They haven’t had a reprinting and due to their incredibly powerful effects (which include being free if you control your commander) they always have and will continue to command quite the price. Not to mention, finally having foils of these cards, which are really dragging down the bling levels of plenty of competitive Commander decks, would surely be an incredible boon. Can I just get a Richard Kane Ferguson Fierce Guardianship and Drew Tucker Fierce Guardianship? Whew. All said, if just this cycle of cards was contained within Commander Masters, I’d be happy. This is easily one of the most must-play set of cards in our little way to play and their high prices are a thorn in many people’s sides.

End Step

Obviously, we’re still a ways off from Commander Masters kicking off its spoiler season. Regardless, it’s always fun to hope, wish and speculate as to what cards will be in all-reprint Masters sets and this one is certainly no exception. Whether we get everything I wished for or just one, I think I’ll be a happy guy. What cards do you want to see reprinted in Commander Masters? Did I miss anything obvious for cEDH?

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