The 10 Cards Everybody Wants from Double Masters 2022

Textured foils, borderless arts, etched treatments, and more!

Double Masters 2022 will drop on July 8, 2022, which offers an abundance of cards for players who play multiple formats and dedicated card collectors. Like the first Double Masters, Double Masters 2022 is a reprint set that focuses on reprinting some of the most influential cards throughout Magic: The Gathering’s history. Since cards can climb in price due to demand and scarcity, Double Masters 2022 gives the hope for players to pick up these once expensive cards at a more reasonable price. The upcoming set offers exciting Commander reprints, gorgeous frame treatments, and you open two rares in a Draft pack! 

Double Masters 2022 - Collector Booster Display

Market Price: $230.29

Double Masters 2022 - Draft Booster Box

Market Price: $266.03

As Double Masters 2022 is the next high-profile Magic: The Gathering release, there’s a wide range of exceptional frame treatments for players to open and collect. Double Masters 2022 is the first set to introduce a brand new type of foiling, called textured foils. These textured foil cards will follow a similar unique foiling process as seen on current Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. There are five different textured foil cards to collect with these textured foil cards will only feature in roughly three percent of Double Master 2022 Collector Boosters. Due to the low open rate, these will be sought after by Magic: The Gathering card collectors.

Today, we’re looking at the ten cards to keep in mind when cracking packs of Draft, or Collector Boosters of Double Masters 2022! 

#10 Animar, Soul of Elements (Etched Foil)

Double Masters 2022

Animar, Soul of Elements (Foil Etched) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $40.74

Double Masters 2022 introduces a wealth of classic Commander legendary cards for players to acquire, with Animar, Soul of Elements being one of the more popular ones. By being immune to two colors that happen to be heavy in single target removal spells, Animar allows you to discount the cost of your creature cards by casting creature cards. Even by today’s standards, Animar, Soul of Elements remains a strong Commander with the opportunity to take it down a combo-focused approach if you wish. Since it’s one of the more popular multi-colored Commanders in the format, the powerful elemental comes in etched foil if you want to give your Commander the attention it deserves. 

#9 Cavern of Souls 

Double Masters 2022

Cavern of Souls - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $55.86

Perhaps one of the more in-demand reprints, Cavern of Souls returns in Double Masters 2022. Despite keeping the pesky mythic rarity, Cavern of Souls allows any spell cast with the named creature sub-type the ability to become uncounterable, ignoring any counterspells the opponent may want to cast in response. 

Cavern of Souls (Foil Etched)

Market Price: $79.61

Cavern of Souls (Borderless)

Market Price: $64.04

Given the emphasis on tribal archetypes in Magic: The Gathering, cards such as Cavern of Souls always demand a high price. Given how critical Cavern of Souls is for tribal archetypes, you often want to run the whole playset in constructed formats to raise the probability of drawing the card. With this, it sees heavy play in Modern within Humans, Goblins, Spirits, Elves, and Amulet Titan as a way to promise these creatures can enter play without interaction from the opponent. With the reprint, you have the opportunity to splurge for the stunning etched foil or borderless variants for your favorite decks! 

#8 Allosaurus Shepherd (Etched Foil)

Double Masters 2022

Allosaurus Shepherd (Foil Etched) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $41.06

First printed in Jump Start, Allosarus Shepherd continues to see heavy play in Commander and Legacy thanks to the all-important Elves typing. By making all of your green creatures uncounterable, it gives a headache to any opponent who hopes to use counterspells to thwart your game plan. Then, you have the combined Overrun-style effect that turns your Elves into stomping Dinosaurs to trample anything that stands in their way. Due to the mythic rarity and the nature of the Jump Start booster seeding, Allosaurus Shepherd became a challenging card to find, but this reprint in Double Masters 2022 is a welcome sight for green players.

#7 Force of Negation

Double Masters 2022

Force of Negation - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $28.85

From the hugely impactful Modern Horizons expansion, Force of Negation became an influential counterspell in Modern, Legacy, Vintage, and Commander since the first printing three years ago. While it isn’t quite the same compared to its predecessor in Force of Will, the blue counterspell remains fantastic as the alternative cost is so easy to meet. This reprint allows players to acquire the card at a more affordable rate, with the option of sourcing either a etched foil or gorgeous borderless variant if desired. 

#6 Smothering Tithe (Borderless)

Double Masters 2022

Smothering Tithe (Borderless) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $34.29

From Ravnica Allegiance, Smothering Tithe is a compelling enchantment that offers polarizing opinions at a Commander table. Smothering Tithe is so convincing in a game of Commander because of the ability to generate mana advantage through basic actions such as drawing cards and reminding players of the tax. While it can come across as irritating thanks to previous cards such as Rhystic Study, it’s clear Smothering Tithe is one of the best white cards in the singleton format. Regardless of opinion, Double Masters 2022 introduces a new wicked borderless treatment to complement any strategy that is always eager to say, “do you pay the 2?”

#5 Phyrexian Altar (Borderless)

Double Masters 2022

Phyrexian Altar (Borderless) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $25.64

Another Commander staple, Phyrexian Altar continues to be one of the most inclusive artifacts you can run in the format. There are countless ways the artifact works with various other Magic: The Gathering cards, often netting you infinite mana or infinite damage. You can also live the dream in Double Masters 2022 draft, where if you happen to have a Blood Artist, Gravecrawler, and Phyrexian Altar in play, you can drain your opponent for infinite life. More importantly, Phyrexian Altar stays at a rare meaning it’ll influence the monetary value of the card in a meaningful way. Coming in with stunning borderless and etched foil treatments, these variants of Phyrexian Altar are sure to be a high priority for combo-focused Commander players. Since you open double the rares in a Double Master Draft Booster, anything is possible!

#4 Wrenn and Six (Borderless)

Double Masters 2022

Wrenn and Six (Borderless) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $62.61

Another card originally from Modern Horizons 1, Wrenn and Six quickly became a fixture of Modern (and Legacy until the ban in 2019) as it’s a two-mana planeswalker with incredible value. Not only can recur lands from the graveyard to your hand, but it also works amazingly well with cards such as Boseiju, Who Endures as there is an additional effect with discarding the card for its channel cost. Currently, Wrenn and Six feature in one of the best Modern strategies, Four-Color Yorion as it can buy back fetch lands to fix your other colors. 

Wrenn and Six

Market Price: $43.32

Wrenn and Six (Foil Etched)

Market Price: $67.00

Not only is it evergreen in Modern, but also Commander. Wrenn and Six often takes home in Lord Windgrace or Korvold, Fae-Cursed King strategies as leveraging the lands bolster these headline Commanders. As with the other planeswalker printings in Double Masters 2022, Wrenn and Six also come in etched foil and borderless treatments if you want to spruce up your decks! 

#3 Liliana, the Last Hope (Textured Foil)

Double Masters 2022

Liliana, the Last Hope (Textured Foil) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $70.37

First printed in Eldritch Moon, Liliana, the Last Hope returns for Double Masters 2022! Seeing play in Pioneer and Modern, the mono-black planeswalker offers plenty of utility by recurring your creatures, removing small creatures, or creating a swarm of Zombies! While not in the leagues as Liliana of the Veil, the card remains strong within the right strategy. With the upcoming release, you have the opportunity of opening a gorgeous textured foil of the popular planeswalker.  

As mentioned earlier, Double Masters 2022 introduces an exciting new foiling called textured foiling. Similar to Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, these cards are borderless but come with a striking foiled textured pattern, which gives the art the appearance of movement. About three percent of Collector Boosters contain a textured foil mythic rare, making this Liliana, the Last Hope an extremely desirable card for collectors. In total, there are five textured foil cards which are: Wrenn and Six, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, Emrakul, the Aeon’s Torn, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, and Liliana, the Last Hope.

#2 Imperial Seal (Borderless)

Double Masters 2022

Imperial Seal (Borderless) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $79.36

It’s the first true reprint since Portal Three Kingdoms, Imperial Seal is sure to be one of the big-money cards to open from the set. While it’s one of the weaker tutors to run in Commander or Cube, for example, the sorcery is sure to see play in these formats given the cheap mana value. Since the monetary value for the original printing remains high, the upcoming printing of Imperial Seal will drop but will remain an expensive card upon release, this is due to the etched and borderless treatments alongside the traditional printing. 

Imperial Seal

Market Price: $79.95

Imperial Seal (Foil Etched)

Market Price: $125.69

One of the highlights of Double Masters 2022 is allowing players to get their hands on older Magic: The Gathering cards due to scarcity, and with the release on July 8, the new set will put more of these cards back into circulation. While Imperial Seal holds its mythic rarity, the opportunity to acquire this card will be a welcome one for players. Imperial Seal is one of the money cards to look out for when opening Double Masters 2022 Draft and Collector Boosters. 

#1Dockside Extortionist (Etched Foil)

Double Masters 2022

Dockside Extortionist (Foil Etched) - Double Masters 2022 - Magic: The Gathering

Market Price: $114.51

Perhaps one of the most polarizing cards to ever enter the Commander format, Dockside Extortionist sees its first printing since the Commander 2019 release. It’s so common in Commander that some players are harking for a ban given how generously cost and powerful it is, but that seems unlikely with the upcoming reprint in Double Masters 2022. When Dockside Extortionist enters the battlefield, you create Treasure tokens based on the number of artifacts and enchantments your opponent’s control. Whether you are ahead or behind, Dockside Extortionist allows you to cast spells ahead of schedule. If you include any recursion or blink to go alongside Dockside Extortionist, then you’ll be rich in Treasure!

Dockside Extortionist

Market Price: $62.10

Dockside Extortionist (Borderless)

Market Price: $66.03

With the welcoming reprint of Dockside Extortionist, this marks the first-ever foil printing of the Goblin Pirate, which is sure to drive demand for committed Commander players. This reprint is either etched foil or borderless foil and will likely be the cards everyone wants to open and trade towards the coming release, given how influential the card is within the singleton format.

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